Shaving Bald like a Pro: The Art of Shaving your Bald Head & Bald Care Routine with BETTER BE BOLD

Hello, dear bald people and those who want to become one! 

Today we're delving into the wonderful world of shaved heads and revealing the secrets of an optimal bald shave & of course the proper care of your beloved head. 

As experts in this field, we talked to BETTER BE BOLD for some unbeatable tips and tricks for you on how to rock your bald head with style and confidence.

1. Preparation is everything

Before you entrust your bald head to a safety razor or straight razor, the right preparation is the key to success. A warm shower or a warm towel on your head opens the pores and softens the skin, which makes shaving much more comfortable. Use a high-quality shaving cream or shaving soap to prepare the sensitive scalp for the blades and allow them to glide smoothly.

2. The Tools of Choice to go Bald

Now comes the exciting part - choosing the right shaving tool. At BETTER BE BOLD, they swear by safety razors and straight razors. These classic tools not only provide a close shave, but also lend a sense of elegance and tradition. The high-quality safety razors and straight razors are specially designed to shave your bald head with precision and comfort without irritating the skin.

We recommend the safety razor for beginners and advanced users, as it is easy to use (and also achieves a shave without a bloodbath when you get up at 6 o'clock in the morning). Absolute professionals can try their hand at a straight razor: This takes some practice but is the holy grail of traditional wet shaving. And you have officially reached peak manliness with this move. Only riding an alligator to your job on an oil rig while smoking a cigar in your red velvet robe with black satin collar and cuffs tops this.

3. After the Shave

Once the shave is complete, it's time to pamper your freshly shaved bald head. At BETTER BE BOLD, they offer the perfect selection of care products especially for bald heads to moisturize your skin and prevent irritation. 

Their Mattifying Bald Cream is a soothing & nourishing aftershave lotion that helps to soothe and moisturize the skin. At BETTER BE BOLD, they have put together 3 great baldness care routines for you which are specially tailored to baldness sufferers and will help you keep your bald head in top shape.

4. The Daily Baldness Routine

Taking care of your bald head doesn't stop at shaving. A regular skincare routine is crucial to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Use their nourishing baldness products daily to moisturize your skin and prevent dryness. Of course, UV protection also plays an important role, especially from spring onwards, and they offer the right product for this too.

With these simple tips and the high-quality products from BETTER BE BOLD, you'll be well equipped to rock your bald head with style and confidence. After all, who needs hair when you can have a beautiful bald head? No more bad hair days: So come on, be bold, be brave and show the world that bald is the coolest hairstyle in the world.