Safety razors and cartridge razors reach the goal of a wet shave in different ways. Of course, there are individual advantages and disadvantages to each system. To keep you well informed, we have written a small guide below:


Everyone knows the myth from TV commercials: 5-fold blades shave more thoroughly! However, is that true at all?
Skin irritation from shaving cause discomfort, whether at work or home. You can find out where they come from here:


The redness and irritation of the skin after shaving is commonly known as razor burn or razor bumps. The burning and itchy skin irritations are caused by the removal of the upper skin layers during shaving. The injured skin is no longer able to defend itself against harmful influences and becomes sore.
By using a cartridge razor, you support this harmful behaviour. With every stroke of the multiple blades of a system razor, you also stress your skin tremendously. That’s a quick way to guarantee painful razor burn! 

That is precisely where the safety razor begins to shine:
The safety razor works with a single, very sharp blade. So you only stress your skin once with each pull and not several times. So even if you conduct a shave with the grain or against and across the grain, your skin will still be less stressed than with a single stroke of your cartridge razor. This way, you protect your skin and avoid razor bumps.


Ingrown hair and pimples can have many causes. An infection of the hair follicle is often caused by shaving. To avoid this, you should make sure that you prepare and follow up your shave well. However, your choice of razor is the main factor in all of this. 

The spaces between the blades of your cartridge razor are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Every time you shave, you increase the risk of a skin infection caused by your cartridge razor. In addition, cartridge blades are often used for several weeks for cost reasons – this exposes you and your skin to an even higher risk of skin irritation.

All these problems can easily be avoided with a safety razor. The quick blade change ensures that you always work with a new and hygienic razor blade. Moreover, the fact that you can let the sharp blade glide over your skin entirely without pressure makes it particularly kind to your sensitive skin.


You can find the glide strip on your cartridge razor above the blades. Its job is to prepare your skin for the relentless maltreatment with the blade cartridge. To fulfil this task, manufacturers often use so-called PEG derivatives. These polyethylene glycols can irritate the skin and impair its protective effect. This results in redness and irritation.

With a safety razor, you don’t have to worry about such chemicals. The sharp blade doesn’t need a glide strip to achieve an excellent shaving result. Natural and completely chemical-free. This holds also true for shaving your body hair. If you want to learn more about that, please have a look at this article!


Your cartridge razor seems to be the cheaper option at first glance. The manufacturers first lure you in with a cheap introductory offer and then cash you in with the expensive blades. You know this principle from your inkjet printer or your favourite espresso machine. 

You have to calculate an average of 4$ for a blade cartridge. Your classic safety razor is a bit more expensive to buy. This is due to the fact that we produce all our razors Germany in compliance with the highest production quality. A razor blade only costs you about 10-70 cents. So you have quickly recovered the acquisition costs and can enjoy a thorough shave on top while doing so. Just as important is the lifespan of a razor: Our safety razors have been working according to the same principle for decades. With them, you can use conventional double-edge blades from all manufacturers and are therefore protected for decades to come.

If the manufacturer of your cartridge razor should launch a new “miracle blade” on the market again, they may stop the production of the cartridge blades for your older model – leaving you out in the cold.


Every German generates about 38 kg of plastic waste per year. This waste is particularly harmful to the environment as it is difficult to recycle. With a classic safety razor, you protect the environment because you produce much less waste. With a little care, you can use the same razor for decades. That’s a win! 
You also save a lot of waste when changing blades, as the replacement blades are usually wrapped in just a small piece of waxed paper.


You should now have a good overview of the advantages and disadvantages of different shaving systems.
While the cartridge razor is the standard tool for many people, the practical advantages of a classic safety razor are far more significant!
By using clean, high-quality blades, you reduce the risk of skin irritation or razor bumps. The absence of a gliding strip soaked in chemicals also protects the skin while you enjoy a gentle and thorough shave.

Whether it’s the cost-saving advantages of a classic safety razor or concern for the environment (or both!) that convince you, it’s clear that our products offer something special. 
Just try any one of our classic safety razors and enjoy a gentle and skin-friendly shaving experience. You will not be disappointed!

Here you can learn in which way our safety razors differ from each other in particular.