Partner Course

Master Barber Private Lessons

with Master Barber Stijn De Sutter

Course Overview

Learn anything related to performing the perfect shave. You want to learn the basics of shaving yourself or a client with a real open razor? We will do just that. You choose the course modules, ranging from sharpening, preparing shaves, performing shaves on yourself or clients, to anything related to master barbering.

Choose your preferred location: the DOVO Headquarters in Solingen, Germany, or Barbershop ROMAIN in Ghent, belgium. It is also possible for Stijn and his team to travel to a location of your choice.

Training Schedule

The content and modules can be individually determined and weighted.

Do you want to purely learn how to restore, repair and hone a straight razor? We are happy focus just on this.

You are already a pro at honing razors and only want to learn how to perform the perfect shave on a client? Perfect. We'll only focus on the shave in the course.

You decide, we perform.


This is dependent on where the course should be held, how long the course should be, how many people will join the course, and the course structure. 

Also, depending on the location, travel costs will apply.

Included in Price

Provided: Razors, Sharpening Stones, Products, Shaving Models, Course Material, Towels.

Participant deal: all DOVO products can be purchased for -25% during the course.


DOVO Headquarters (google maps)

Norbertstraße 3

42655 Solingen, Germany

- or -

ROMAIN Barbershop (google maps)

Verbroederingstraat 19

9050 Gent, Belgium

- or -

a location of your choice (travel costs will apply)

Contact & Booking

Please send an Email to for  any questions, upcoming course dates, or to schedule your own date.


Master Barber: Stijn De Sutter