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The PRIMO II: Decades of Experience Condensed into a Shaving Masterpiece.

The name PRIMO translates to “at first”. PRIMO marks a new beginning. A new beginning for you, the wet shaver. More than a century worth of knowledge, condensed into 2 years of development, with a painful amount of development cycles, gave birth to this unparalleled shaving tool. Of course, Made in GERMANY.

In wet shaving, a miniscule difference in the geometry of the razor has a fundamental influence on your shaving experience. We aimed for the most intensely satisfying shaving experience possible. And, to the regret of all other safety razors, we were successful.

Bliss is with those who make PRIMO the integral part of their grooming routine. A meditative state that is unrivalled.

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Scope Of Supply

10x DOVO SUPER PLATINUM razor blades


Brass handle, die-cast zinc razor head, electroplated surfaces, bright chrome finish

Product Details

closed comb, straight cut


Stabilized screw, three-part razor

Handle Diameter



4.1 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.6 cm

Blade Length

Blade Gap 0,6-0,65mm, Blade Exposure 0,06-0,07mm


Embossed folding box made in Solingen

Pamper yourself.

Creating wonderful moments out of the everyday. Transformingroutineintoanchorpointsofenjoyment. That is our goal. For many, shaving is an annoying side activity. Together we transform it into a meditative ritual that brings a moment of pleasure right at the start of the day.


The head of the safety razor is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process since it creates instruments with maximum precision even for complex shapes. In order to ensure a comfortable weight distribution, we only use brass for the handle. The chrome finish protects the razor from corrosion and underlines the high-quality design.

Blade description

A safety razor with a closed comb is the all-rounder for classic wet shaving. Intuitively, you will feel the best shaving angle for your safety razor and immediately achieve ideal shaving results. The generous blade gap allows high soap flow protecting the razor head from clogging with cut hair or lather residue.

The experience

Embarking on a morning grooming ritual with the highest quality, handmade shaving products is like orchestrating a symphony for your senses.

Picture this: as the warm water cascades down, you lather up with artisanal shaving cream, rich in luxurious oils that caress your skin. The razor, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, glides effortlessly, leaving a trail of sheer precision. The scent of meticulously blended botanicals fills the air, creating an olfactory journey that's both invigorating and sophisticated.

It's more than a routine; it's a moment of self-indulgence, a daily celebration of craftsmanship and personal care. Trust me, once you experience the sheer pleasure of such grooming essentials, you'll find yourself not just interested, but genuinely passionate about elevating your morning routine to an art form. It's not just shaving; it's a commitment to the exquisite, a nod to the finer things in life that start your day on an unparalleled note.


First, you should wash your face with warm water. This opens the pores and makes shaving easier. Start by generously coating your skin with shaving lather. Give the lather 5 minutes to soften the beard hair. Then, you set your safety razor at an angle of 30 - 45° and guide it over your face without pressure. To free the razor head from cut hair, simply hold it under the tap every few strokes.


The care of a safety razor is very easy. After use, simply wash out the razor thoroughly and remove lather residue and cut hair. A nail brush and a hair shampoo or dish soap help with stubborn dirt. Lastly, dry it with a towel and it’s ready to go for your next shave. When changing razor blades, check all of the parts for a tight fit. You can find more information here.

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