About DOVO

More than a century of history as the formative company in Solingen, Germany

»DOVO« Solingen – a name and a place which stand for quality, design and experience. Since 1906 we engage daily in development, presentation and production of premium straight razors and grooming items. All over the world our products are valued highly, and they often last a lifetime.

Anno 1906

Foundation of »DOVO« Stahlwaren

The founding year of the company "DOVO" Stahlwaren is 1906, according to documents from the district court of the then free municipality Wald near Solingen. In the beginning the company »DOVO« was a pure razor factory with forge and hollow grinding. The founders were Dorp and Voos.

Anno 1930

Solingen grows through incorporation

In 1930 Solingen had become larger through incorporation (including the community of Wald) and the regulation on the protection of the name Solingen in 1938 gave pride and security and an even greater sense of home.

When Dorp and Voos wanted to retire, Fritz Bracht took over the company »DOVO« shortly before the 2nd World War started. A good grip, since the little knight with sword and hammer had conquered markets in Western Europe and North America in the meantime. Even during the war the knight symbol managed to find and consolidate its way abroad. With the introduction of the electric shaver, Fritz Bracht had to secure a second foothold with hair scissors. He talked shop with the users in the salons of his hometown and elsewhere and learned what he wanted and needed to know about hair scissors. EUREKA, a hair and scalp scissors with a curved edge, brought new momentum to post-war operations.

Anno 1951

New brands for new markets

In 1951 the young technician Mertens joins the company. He furge ahead with the production of scissors with the "old hands". Ernst Kirschbaum, who studied law and earned his doctorate, joined the company in 1953 as son-in-law. The need to catch up after the time after the war and additional young workers, allowed the company to grow with temperament. The motto was: "New brands for new markets".

The 1950s

Acquisition of brands in the 50s

The following brands were taken over by »DOVO« in the 50s

  • 1952: Brand Tennis (straight razors)
  • 1957: Brand Bismarck (straight razors)
  • 1957: Brand Ankerflagge (razor) from company Carl Rader

Catalogue in the 50s

The products in the 1950s catalogues were drawings and kept in black an white.

The 1960s

Acquisition of brands in the 60s

The following brands were taken over by »DOVO« in the  60s

  • 1968: Brand Teufelskerle of company Erich Hartkopf (pocket knives and scissors)
  • 1969: Brand Kronpunkt (straight razors) from Heups company

Catalogue in the 60s

The products in the 1960s catalogues were still drawings, but were printed in colour for the first time.

The 1970s

Acquisition of brands in the 70s

The following brands were taken over by »DOVO« in the  60s

  • 1970: Brand Fontana (straight razors)
  • 1973: Brand Weltkrone (pedicure nippers and instruments) from Heup & Hermes Company

Advertising in the 70s

In the 70s, advertising still looked a little different than it does today.