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Shaving and aesthetics have always been connected. It is time to give your skincare the priority it deserves. With this set, you'll transform your shaving soap into nourishing lather and provide your bathroom with a handmade monument made of ceramic and wood. The tray, soap dish, lid and tray are all handmade for an aesthetic shaving experience without compromise. Since you love precision as much as we do, the milled out areas of wood and matte black glazed ceramic interlock with millimeter precision.

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The Ritual

In many cultures, the regular shave is still an important social ritual. At the barber shop you exchange news, gossip, see familiar faces, and relax. You go to the barber differently than you leave him. With less hair, but with more news and a confident and relaxed feeling. Freshly shaved, you feel invincible, resistant to the greatest stress.

Be your own barber

That distinct feeling you have after a visit at the barber shop is now available in your own bathroom. Our Shave Ritual was developed together with the Potsdam designer Carsten Gollnick. The set embodies the relaxed attitude and confident demeanor you see in men when they leave their barber. The clean edges of each ceramic piece reflect the clean edges of the beard after a professional trim.

The ceremony

At the same time, the set is reminiscent of valuable utensils for a tea ceremony. Here, too, the ritual is in the main act. Details matter. You are in a parallel world and mentally ignore everything else. The result is wonderful, but it becomes something very special thanks to the preceding ritual.

The Design

We implemented the ambitious design with a partner on the Portuguese west coast. Both their quality and craftsmanship are excellent. Innovative design needs partners who can bring it to life.

2 variants

We offer the set in 2 surfaces: »Daylight« and »Pitch Dark«. While “Daylight” is dressed in a velvety, shiny white with dark inclusions, “Pitch Dark” combines a deep, matt black with small, subtly shiny spots.

Time for yourself

Now imagine: You get up on Sunday morning, you have slept well and you have time. Time for yourself. There is a lot going on during the week, your head and mind are constantly working. The weekend is vacation, even if it’s only for 2 days. Use it. Treat yourself to a mini vacation. Give yourself the radiance that a barber gives you. In your own home.

Side note

the set looks especially beautiful with our new EDO straight razors. Both have a very similar design language. Not surprising, since they both are brain childs of Carsten Gollnick.

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