Our PRIMO Safety Razors do what other razors can't.

When it comes to taking care of your sensitive skin and tough beard, you want a razor that can handle it all. 

The DOVO PRIMO is the culmination of 2.5 years of development, numerous prototypes, and over 100 years of experience in razor manufacturing. Our aim: to create the best razor ever made – all for the perfect shave.

We don't want to shower ourselves with self-praise, but it would certainly be appropriate. But we prefer to let our happy users speak for themselves.

Here is a small excerpt:

6 Reasons you'll love the PRIMO razor

1. The Design

The PRIMO razor stands for luxury and quality in a modern design. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and masterful workmanship ensure unique comfort and flawless precision with every shave.

2. The Performance

Our endeavor was to develop a blade geometry that caters to the diverse shaving needs of both women and men – safe, thorough, and comfortable. Whether it's a 3-day beard, body hair, or daily shaving, the PRIMO delivers an exceptional shaving experience. Unsatisfied? Get your money back + a gift. 

3. Your Skin

When using only one blade, for every stroke with the razor, you silghtly irritate the skin one. When using razors with 2, 3, 4, or even 5 blades, guess how much more the skin will be damaged? You guess correctly. A lot more. Using one blade ensures minimal irritation of the skin and prevents razor burn, spots, and pimples.

4. Your Wallet

Double edge blades are the worst enemy of cartridge razor manufacturers (like the one rhyming with Wilkerson and Gazette). They only cost a fraction of cartridge razors. The average man will spend up to 28 times more using cartridge razor blades compared to double edge blades. While having a worse experience. Great marketing stunt the large companies pulled off, you have to give them credit for that.

5. The Environment

The PRIMO safety razor is one of the first worldwide to feature the new eco-friendly Chrome 3 coating, which not only provides a mirror-smooth surface but also reflects the latest in environmental protection technology. It sets new standards in sustainability and quality.

4. The Environment, continued

Depending on how often you shave, you will save 50-150 kg of composite waste in your lifetime by using a double edge razor. Easy to do, especially while getting a far superior shave. No brainer.

"Everything done by a human hand cannot be perfect. Exactly that's the beauty of it."

– Jens Grudno, CEO

Over 100 million happy DOVO customers since 1906