Pocket Comb Medium

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The small DOVO pocket comb is made of pear wood. Its natural properties help with evenly distributing the skin sebum over the surface of your hair. Consequently, the entire hair shows a natural shine and less statically charged nature. Compared to combs made of plastic or metal, a wooden comb causes less irritation of the hair follicle muscle and thus prevents excessive fat release from the sebum glands.

Note: wood is a natural material. Its appearance is as individual as ours. Therefore, each wooden comb is unique in its colour and grain. The wood colour appears multi-faceted in our products.

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Scope Of Supply

Small pocket comb, medium toothing


Pear Wood


Length: 10 cm

For many decades, the wealth of experience in comb production has been passed on by our German production partner Thohr. Working with natural materials requires an incredible amount of skill and expertise. Our beard brushes are handmade with the finest wood from sustainable, regional forestry in Germany.

With the brush you not only remove impurities such as dead skin from the beard, but also massage the facial skin at the same time. This improves the skin’s blood supply, supporting beard growth and improving the complexion.

For our combs made from pear wood, large slabs of wood have to dry out for months and find their new structure. If you shorten the process impatiently, the combs will deform again over time.

Our comb teeth are painstakingly polished after cutting. This is tedious, but prevents hair from being damaged by rough edges. This is how our handcrafted masterpieces are made in over 20 work steps and with a great deal of finesse. Your hair notices the difference. A nice side effect of wood combs: they don’t build up static. So you don’t look like you just got into the socket.

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